Confession Time, I have been MIA

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I have not been posting recipes, mainly becuase I have not had the time or energy to play around with them and have been relying more on other sites for my recipes.

I started Weight Watchers to support a family member, but I found that by eating different it did wonders for my gallbladder issues. (go figure eating healthy helps). Another family member was diagnosed with health issues so I am determined to continue on with my healthy eating using weight watchers as my base to suport her as well. I now need to switch gears and play around with more recipes and get back to my creative mode.

Until I do I wanted to share a recipe that has been a life saver for me. It is 2 ingredient pizza dough. I absolutely love it. My favorite pizza was against the grain until they stopped carrying it at my stores and this pizza reminds me of it so much. Plus just having pizza again was amazing. My quest is to now play with the dough and see what else I can make with it. Of course you know me and my first thoughts were cinnamon rolls or pop tarts or anything sugary. My sugar addiction is a killer and I am trying real hard to control it. I spent years sugar free and fell off the wagon, sugar is just something I cannot be trusted with so I will also be playing around with sugar substitutions.

Until then enjoy this 2 ingredient pizza.

Disclaimer: I did not create this recipe but I am using it on my site becuase it is a widely published recipe for all to use. The recipe is not copyrighted but my blog post is.

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