Candy Corn Cupcakes

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Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this cupcake?


I pulled up candy corn cupcake on pinterest and this looks just like what everyone is baking,  whats wrong with this cupcake?????


do you need a hint?


Here you go: Can you tell me what is wrong with this “candy corn” cupcake now?


Cheers for those of you who got it…………………………….Its just not the right shape.   Call it cooking OCD but I just can’t accept this version of a “candy corn” cupcake.   Yes the colors are there, yes it tastes the same, yes guests will enjoy it but come on now; let’s be correct in all aspects of it visually.   I have learned with GF cooking that visual is a big part of someone being willing to try a product since GF doesn’t always have the best reviews.

My goal for today was recreate a real candy corn cupcake.

After a taste test from many people including 4 family members these really rocked in cuteness, excelled in taste, and was a pleasure to eat visually.   My job was completed and now I can stop obsessing about how everyone is doing the cupcake wrong.

Lets review the process………………..(I will say my OCD didn’t transfer to doing the best I could on putting these together.  I didn’t have any clear extract and I used butter making my batter for these samples.  Due to this, the usual dull yellowish color you get from those two items didn’t help in dying them which I had issues with as well so please take into consideration if you are to recreate these, please take the time to do it right and they will be so much prettier than mine.)

Step one:   Make batter (recipe for perfect white cake at the end of post, and by the way this was the recipe my daughter used to make her own wedding cake which got rave reviews!)

Step two: divide the batter 3/4 batter to 1/4 batter in two bowls.

Step three:  Dye the larger bowl  orange and the smaller bowl yellow (this doesn’t sit well with me since I didn’t have any natural food dye on hand and we usually don’t allow food dye to be consumed in our house due to allergy issues but I had to get this cupcake visually right or go crazy thinking about all the ways people are doing it wrong)




Step 4: Get out your silicone cupcake molds.   I love these things so much, and you can use them for almost anything.  check the out here.   silicone cupcake molds

Step 5:  Place approx 3 tbsp of orange batter into silicone cupcake mold, then place approx 1.5 tbsp of yellow.  I slowly put a ring of yellow around the cupcake holder on top of the orange and let it spread.  If you just plop it on top, it is going to mix in with the orange not giving you the separate colors needed and the yellow just needs to be a 1/4 of the cupcake thick.    You can play with the ratios to see how you like it, this was what I came up with that worked for me.

Step 6:  bake according to directions, once done let cool

Look and see how the cupcakes even resemble the bottom of a candy corn……………



Step 7:  This is the big step, the step where you do everything against normal food preparation………. ….You leave your cupcake upside down!  Your yellow cupcake top will now become your bottom.   Let cool. (if you found your cupcake got a rounded top simply slice a small bit off so it sits straight on your platter.

Step 8:  Frost (this is where I my OCD gave up.   the kitchen was hot and my frosting kept melting and sinking and it was a mess but I had to finish these for an event I was going to, so they were not perfect.  You can do much better if you take your time like I didn’t)

Step 9:  Serve to amazed guests.  I got a few people taking photos,  I forgot, so I took a few as well of the finished product which looking back I was sad as the car ride completely disarrayed  them but over all they were yummy yummy cute.

So I give you the perfect (in ratio) Candy Corn Cupcakes

P1030972 - CopyP1030977


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