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Who Doesn’t Love Lasagna?

What about Penne?

What if you couldn’t find gluten free lasagna noodles?    Yes that’s what happened, three stores no lasagna noodles so we used our lasagna recipe to make penne.    We had to make it, we told the kids they had to eat lasagna……………………..We would have been bad parents if we didn’t stand on our word.   (and yes two of our kids detest lasagna)

Just so you know we  started out with a recipe, we really did I promise, but when we get to cooking that all just flies out the window so I will give you the basics and you can go from there adding what you like and subtracting what you don’t like which is what we did.

First off, FRESH ingredients.    Of course there is going to be some processed foods, especially since we didn’t get around to making our own pasta this time (we will leave that for another post).  Here is a few of our fresh finds and yes we make a mess when we cook.

P1030883 P1030884 P1030886 P1030887 P1030892 P1030928 P1030929

Here is the basic recipe:

P1030882 P1030907

The sauce simmered longer than the time required and that was just fine.  I think the longer it simmered the better it became.  Tasting it with a dash more spice here and there was just amazing.   When we finally got it perfect we started putting it all together.P1030897P1030898 P1030899 P1030905  P1030908 P1030916

See the seasoning on the noodles, this is where my husband likes to deviate recipes!   He pours the spices on and wow is he good at spice combos!  Once this was all put together nicely, into the oven it went.   The smell was magnificent.

P1030917 P1030938P1030946

It may not have been the normal lasagna or the normal penne but what it was is absolute deliciousness.


My husband can never just make one dish, he has to make the full meal!   Come to think of it he makes everything except dessert, I really have to work on him about that.

We also had a Greek salad to go before it, and cheesy garlic bread to go with it.

P1030933 P1030943

Dessert would have been nice, but I will be making my own here soon.  Stay tuned for that.



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  1. Alysha says:

    I can totally vouch for this recipe because I tried it first hand. It was so tasty! I’m ready for dessert too… are you going to share?

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