Pretzel Treats

two of my favorite flavors together are sweet and salty, adding a crunch factor is a bonus.










Step one:  Find square pretzels………………..EHHHHHHHHH

They don’t make square pretzels in gluten free varieties that I have found.  So I had to try to manage these on regular little hug pretzels.   Tuff but it was doable.


Step two:   spread candy coating on your pretzel……………….EHHHHHHHH

The candy coating was hard to work with and it got hard while you painstakingly arranged all these little flower designs on your pretzels.   I used frosting and it worked fine albeit it was messy.


Step three:   arrange the m&m’s into a flower………………EHHHHHHHH

Since I wasn’t using a square pretzel, arranging m&m’s onto a little GF pretzel was harder than it looked.   I ended up buying mini m&m’s to use as a middle.   The flowers were still a little off shape and the pretzel showed underneath but over all it was pretty cute.



Cuteness aside; the taste sensation of these little beauties was outstanding.    What a great combo.   Needless to say not a single one was left the next day.    That was sad, but I have more frosting left so thinking I might sneak a few as soon as I am done here.


Okay done, enjoy.


Hint:   Want the flavor sensation without having to go through all the trouble of making little flowers?????   Perfect solution.  Tub of frosting with mini m&m’s mixed in served with pretzels to dip.     This has been a repeat request at most of my gatherings.


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