The Many Uses for Cornbread

Chilly weather is upon us and my mind always turns to chili and cornbread, but while I was thinking of that famous food duo I also got to thinking just how many ways I eat this wonderful creation all year long in different ways.

I have tried many recipes over the years and always end up going back to this TNT cornbread recipe.

This can also be made dairy free:   Gluten Free Cornbread Recipe

New Years Tradition:  When you think of cornbread, the south comes to mind.  And southerner’s believe that it is good luck to have cornbread on New Years, it symbolizes gold.    I never have done that tradition but I have readers who have told me about it and have used my GF recipe to enjoy their old tradition again after the need to refrain from Gluten.  Of course traditional cornbread from the south has cracklings in it.

After you have started your New Year off right, continue with cornbread all year long with things like:

Cornbread, Butter, & Honey, warm right out of the oven is the best way. (also good with maple syrup)

Cornbread & Chili, perfect for a cold winter night.

Cornbread, Chili, & hot dogs, we always take cornbread with us camping for chili dogs.

Cornbread & Pinto Beans, we never have beans and ham without our loved cornbread.

Cornbread & stews or any type of soup, this pairs well with any kind of warm bowl meal.

Cornbread stuffing, I never thought I enjoy cornbread stuffing till having it one Thanksgiving.  I have been hooked ever since.

Cornbread pudding,  I am not a fan of this but then I also do not like bread pudding.   I have many readers who do enjoy it.

Cornbread & BBQ, Nothing is as good as shredded bbq meat over a thick slab of cornbread.

Cornbread and Baked Beans, you must have cornbread at all your picnics.

Cornbread, Butter, & Jelly, simple goodness for leftover cornbread (if there is any)

Cornbread French toast, again this is if you have any leftover the next day.

Cornbread Huevos Ranchero,   A hearty breakfast.

Cornbread Croutons, some people have leftover cornbread, not sure why.

Cornbread Crumbs, this can be toasted and used for coating of fried foods for texture.

Cornbread topping, can be crumbled and used for casserole toppings.

Cornbread Hash, saute cubes of cornbread up with some veggies and meat and have a whole new meal.



Now that you have some ideas for what to do with all that big pan of fresh baked (or leftover) cornbread, I want to ask you a question.


How do you like your cornbread served?






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