How do you drink your coffee?

I didn’t start drinking coffee until after my second child was born.  Not sure why I didn’t get into the caffeine habit before that but I slightly suspect that it had something to do with keeping up with two kids all day long.  Whatever the reason I feel in love with coffee.


I have slowly evolved from normal black coffee to coffee with creamer, then to cream and my own flavorings to specialty drinks like lattes, mocha’s,  etc.  The fancy drinks are nice on occasion but I enjoy my classic cup of coffee with an added bonus.  Which brings me to my point,   not too long ago I read an article on how I was drinking my coffee all wrong.  Their suggestions:


Buttered Coffee:   Word is it has healthy fats and boosts your brain power, it gives you energy giving it the name bulletproof coffee.  Although I agree that butter is a healthier alternative to margarine and I do use it in cooking I just couldn’t get use to it my coffee no matter how hard I tried.   I love the taste of butter but for me this just didn’t pair well.  Perhaps I need a different type of butter other than store-bought.   One day I might revisit this.

Bacon Grease coffee:  A new article just came out that raved about how healthy bacon can be to keeping your brain sharp (I am sure it mean bacon in moderation).   Some might say this is a breakfast in a cup, made for those on the go or those who just don’t like to take the time to eat.   The bacon smell gives you a sense of eating bacon I suppose.   I couldn’t see it and didn’t like the taste of it and I would rather eat my bacon with a side of black coffee, thank you but no thank you on this one.

Ice Cream coffee:   Basically a coffee float?   Not such an outlandish idea because basically its a creamer in frozen form.   However all the extra additives they add to ice cream these days leaves residue in your coffee cup that just isn’t pleasant.   Flavor isn’t so bad depending on what type of ice cream you get.  A caramel swirl gives your coffee an overly sweet indulgent taste but again why when they make coffee creamers.  In a pinch when you have no creamer this would be nice, but then again who has ice cream just sitting around.  If you do well then you are weird because ice cream in my house don’t last more than a day.

Seasoned coffee: Most people have used cinnamon, nutmeg or allspice in their coffee to create a holiday flavored treat. What some people have suggest is adding seasoned salt, chili powder or even garlic to their morning brew. Garlic and chili pepper starts your body’s immune system and helps you ward off illness in cold and flu season.  Salt is said to take away the bitter taste of coffee, but if your coffee is that bitter then perhaps you need to change coffee or brewing methods.    I just don’t enjoy seasonings sweet or otherwise in my coffee.

Egg coffee:   This one I admit I did not taste as I was not about to drink raw egg although I wasn’t sure how it stays raw after adding it to hot coffee.  I got the vision of an egg drop soup type of coffee in my head.    Same idea as adding bacon grease, you are adding protein and having breakfast in a cup.   If that is your idea why not grab a smoothie and add some instant coffee for flavor?


Coconut Oil coffee:   Coconut oil in my coffee is how I like it.   Only my first cup of the day, although I will admit I could drink it all day long.   I don’t because that would rack up a lot of calories.   I add 1/4 tsp into my coffee cup every morning. (pot of coffee has 3 drops of slim and sassy essential oil).  I use to be addicted to creamers (mainly for taste) but this has eliminated the need for them.  the slim and sassy gives it a great flavor and the coconut oil gives it a creamy effect.  I use my same coffee cup all day so I still get some of the coconut oil in the following cups of coffee.  It gets me going in the morning, provides healthy energy, the slim and sassy keeps my blood sugar in check and keeps me from munching all day long.  No denying the health benefits of a good coconut oil and the slim and sassy is my saving grace for blood sugar and the emotional need to eat all day long hungry or not and well coffee is just the bonus I get to enjoy.

I still enjoy other cups of coffee, I will never turn down coffee in any form (almost) but for me in my own home I will drink it with my coconut oil and S&S oil.    Two perfect pairings for a cup of coffee.   If you would have asked me years ago I probably would not have tried any of these.  But one lives and learns and evolves with the time.

So the question is,

How do you like your cup of coffee served?





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