Traveling to Alaska

There is a large variety of places to choose from when you have to eat gluten free.



As Always, double check with the manager of the establishment to make sure they still accommodate food allergies. Most will have an allergen list on site for you to look at if they don’t have a gluten free menu. Always be kind and courteous. Most places try very hard to accommodate the customer but if they cannot handle your food allergy, simply say thank you and find a place that does.
Note: I rarely recommend fast food chains as they use a shared line and shared condiments that touch gluten products. For example even if you order a lettuce wrap they could use the same spatula to spread mayo on a bun as they do a lettuce wrap. Always ask for no condiments (add your own from packets) and have them make it on a paper or in a box. Ask them to change gloves and wipe down the area where it is being made.


Applebee’s: (varies)
Arby’s: (fast food)
Black Angus Steakhouse: (steak)
Chili’s: (varies)
Chuck E Cheese: (pizza & snacks)
Crossbar: (sportsbar)
Eva’s Cupcakery: (cupcakes)
Firetap Alehouse (pizza, salads): Review
Ginger (Pacific Rim cuisine and classic Asian specialties):
Glacier Brewhouse: (Alaska’s first choice for Wild Alaskan Seafood, Rotisserie Roasted Meats and Handcrafted Ales)
Kinley’s restaurant & Bar: (varies)
Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar & Grill: (American/Asian fusion) Review
Lone Star Steakhouse: (steak)
Middle Way Café: (café, coffee, pastries)
Moose’s Tooth Pub: (pizza, beer)
Organic Oasis: (organic)
Orso: (vegan options, seafood, pasta, salad)
Out of the Box: (food truck 100% GF)
Outback Steakhouse: (steak)
Red Robin: (burgers, salads, Kid friendly)
Simon & Seaort’s: (seafood, varies)
Snow city: (café)
South Restaurant & coffee House: (coffee, café, varies)
Sulivan’s Steakhouse: (steak, seafood)
Terra Bella: (café, goodies & desserts)


Eagle River
Bear Mountain Grill: (breakfast, varies)
Jimmy’s Sushi: (sushi, gluten free soy sauce)
Pizza Man: (pizza)


Humdingers (appetizers, pizza, salad, desserts amazing food) Review



There are many others that can accommodate if you ask them to and a few that are gluten sensitive acceptable, but not celiac friendly.



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