Candy Surprise Cake – Science Project

How many of you have watched on youtube or seen on pinterest/internet how to make the surprise candy in the middle of the cake?   How many of you were totally blown away from the cuteness?    I was but I was also skeptical so I put together an adult cooking science fair project.


Question:    Are Surprise Cakes really that simple to make and do they work?

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Hypothesis:   NO,   1.   I think they make it look easier than what it is and 2. I think the candy won’t hold up.

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Materials:   Cake batter made into cupcakes and a cake, M&M’s, Frosting, and sprinkles for identification on cupcakes,  writing icing for cake.

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Procedure:   Baked cake and cupcakes and let cool a full day in the fridge.    Day 1 (afternoon) I hollowed my first cupcake and inserted candy.   put back into fridge.    Day 2 morning I hollowed out my second cupcake and inserted candy.  Put back into fridge. Day 2 afternoon hollowed out my cake, filled with candy and frosted.    After 24 hours after first cupcake I cut them open to observe.

1st cupcake 24 hours (red sprinkles)

2nd cupcake 10 hours (green sprinkles)

cake immediately (Easter Egg)

IMG_5953IMG_5944 - Copy

Result:   The first cupcake didn’t fair so well, the candy inside got soggy and disgusting.  The second cupcake held up better but you could tell the candy had started to break down.  The cake however; the candy was fresh and solid.


Conclusion:  Those youtube videos are full of crap, they cut it right there after they complete everything, that works fine but what if I don’t need the cake till 3 hours later?  If they waited several hours before the party then cut it, it would not be as pretty.   If they wanted to save time and frost and fill the night before, well you are just going to get a mess!   All those Internet photos, you guessed it.  Cut immediately and quite doctored up.   See the crumbs in mine?   do you see crumbs in theirs?  that’s because before they took the photo they nicely placed fresh candies cascading out of the cake!   Hoax.   I hate fake recipes……………If I have a flop I say so, if it doesn’t work out I admit it.   Hate how everything looks so pretty and perfect…………that’s not real food.

My first hypothesis was wrong, it was easy as cake to make but my second hypothesis was right on.   LOL

Over all it is still a great idea, lots of fun and good to eat no matter what.    My son’s favorite was all the crumbs with melted frosting poured over it so it was like eating cake oatmeal.   I was jealous as he didn’t share.


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