Cauliflower Rice

For the longest time the idea of making rice from Cauliflower intrigued me.   I watched U tube videos how to do it and looked at recipes but honestly never thought I would actually be able to pull it off so never tried.  Until this week.   Basically it was from a need to get rid of a head of cauliflower but whatever the reason I really did it and I loved it so much that I have two more heads of cauliflower in my fridge.   They are going to be made into a cauliflower pizza crust but if we don’t get around to it (yeah I am lazy) it will be made into rice.

The taste?   It was good, I like the taste of cauliflower, its slightly nutty and vegetably if that is a word but I love my veggies so it was awesome.

Ease?   easier than one could even imagine.  so simple that I would do it again and again and again.

First step is to cut up your head of cauliflower.  I didn’t use the stems but just used the bumpy part of the heads.  I placed it in my vitamix a little at a time and riced it up pulsing slowly on low speed.     It took several batches but it was simple enough that I just pulsed dumped into a pan and made more.

cali rice

Because I also had carrots to get rid of I thought why not lets rice those suckers up too.  It worked very well and made my dish colorful and you got a nutty sweet taste in the “rice” mix

cali rice 1

I then added some olive oil and sauteed it up until slightly tender yet still a little crunchy then added a little gluten free soy sauce for some flavor to match the dish I was making.   My husband went back for thirds and I had left overs (very little ) the next day.

cali rice 2

I am telling you this is easy peasy and yummy wummy.    If you haven’t tried it you really ought to.

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