Chocolate Covered Gluten Free Oreos

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Ever see those chocolate covered oreos at bake sales and thought to yourself “wow I would love to try one of those”   its sort of like deep fried Twinkies at state fairs; you know they are so bad for you but you want to try them but you can’t ever try the good things because you can’t eat stupid gluten!   ARGH as my pirate grandpa use to say.

So my son and I bored over spring break decided to do something about the oreo situation with ingredients we had in the house and whipped up in a matter of minutes the cutest little treats.   Seeing that it was close to St. Patrick’s Day we decided to make a few of them Holiday themed.

It was so easy I could have let him (9 years old) do it all by himself.

It was extremely simple to make,  If it was complicated in anyway you would not see me posting here.  This is literally something I can whip up in 10 minutes time on any occasion.   I feel bad I waited as long as I did to do this but I was honestly thinking it would be more difficult and time consuming and messy.

Mess was a breeze I simply gave the dipping dish to my son who licked it clean and all was good.   To see his face when I told him he could have the rest of the chocolate made my whole day.

Now on to the twinkies…………..nah just kidding, that prject I know would be time consuming and really not worth the trouble.

IMG_3898 IMG_3902

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