Healthful Meal Ideas? last chance for a chance at free coconut oil.

Only a few more days to enter for the Free Coconut oil!  See instructions on my previous post

Cooking around my house has been scarce.  We are all trying to lose a few pounds, this means no experimenting with recipes for a while.   I have found that eating healthy is expensive and also that most people put together dishes that are tasteless which is senseless; you can have taste and low calories!  Like My mushroom steak last night (recipe off the net).  Really it didn’t add that much more calories to put spices in with the mushrooms and add a little flavor to the sautéed spinach.   Still a meal under 500 calories and more taste.   So I am wondering what you all make for healthful dishes.     what are some of your favorite meals for 500-600 calories per serving.

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