Crispy Crispy Orange Beef

I did not type the name of this recipe wrong.  It was a double crispy orange beef dish!  It was mighty tasty and easy enough to do.   I like easy recipes.  If I have to go through too many steps to make it, I generally won’t make it.  No picture sadly but trust me when I say it looked good too.

Step one I heated my deep fat fryer up while I thinly sliced beef.  Very thin and no gristle or fat, it was good lean meat. 1.5 pounds approx

Step two  Throw that in a large ziplock bag with some cornstarch and toss to fully coat.  make sure there is a good coating on it.

step three put the following in a bowl and mix.  2/3 cup sugar ~ 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar ~ 4 Tbsp orange juice concentrate ~ 2 Tbsp gluten-free tamari soy sauce ~ 1/4 tsp ginger ~ 1 tsp garlic powder.

step four take tiny hair string rice noodles and when oil is hot in deep fryer place some in until they are puffy.   They should puff up and be light and crunchy.  do this by the small handful until you have enough for dinner.  Make sure you drain on paper towels.

Step five, take the cornstarch covered beef and deep fry until nice and crispy.

meanwhile take your bowl mixture and heat it up in a large pan (meat will end up going in it.)

Step six, place meat into heated sauce and then serve over or beside the crunchy rice noodles.

Steamed veggies or steamed rice (to soak up extra sauce) goes very well with this dish.

I personally just finished up the leftovers for lunch today.  I love crunchy noodles!  not a fan of beef but I rather enjoyed it cooked this way.

Note: this recipe contains soy from the soy sauce but you can replace beef stock to make this soy free. Recipe is Gluten and dairy free as is.

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