Crispy Green Bean Snacks

We had a bounty of green beans and everyone was tired of eating them sautéed. I blanched them, froze them and put them away for later in the freezer.   But I also got tired of seeing them i the freezer,  day after day so I pulled them all out and made them into a tasty, healthy snack for our Superbowl party!

If not using fresh make sure your beans are fully thawed and dried.   After you have your beans all ready it is as simple as tossing them in a pure olive oil and adding your seasoning of choice.

A few to play with are

Salt, pepper, dry cheeses, garlic salt, onion salt, nutritional yeast, seasoned salt, paprika, chili powder.


Place them in your dehydrator,  turn to 135 and leave for 8-10 hours until very crispy.

Keep the lid on if possible, I kept looking at them as they crisped up as I was so excited and they smelled so good plus I had to sample all along the way.   That is a sign of a good cook in case you didn’t know.


Once they are done you have this big batch of crispy little green beans that are slightly (okay extremely) addictive.   At this point I am hoping they last until Superbowl Sunday.

IMG_5661 IMG_5660

This couldn’t have been easier to make and it is a healthy snack no matter the day!

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