It’s so much more than NOT eating gluten

I recently had the opportunity to write a short piece explaining what Celiac Disease was and how it affected my life as well as my family.     I was excited to jump at the opportunity as my main purpose of this blog and all my other social networking places (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc) are to help others who are struggling to figure it all out.

I was once there, I would open a can of soup making sure it had no wheat and get sick as can be,   I would cry and my husband and I would look again “no wheat”, but it did have barely.   forehead slap!   Yes it took us awhile to get into the swing of things.  We were smart enough to get rid of all kitchen things like toaster, cutting boards, wooden spoons and start all over but we still made those silly little mistakes that cost us big time with pain and damage.    We had no one to turn to, doctors didn’t tell us much except don’t eat gluten…………………but what was gluten?

Lots of research, then lots of re-learning to cook and eat and live but we did it.    We are amazing at living the Celiac Life now.   We have made a wedding cake, cupcakes galore (about to go make another batch of my PB&J muffins) and we take foods to potlucks, meetings, school functions, you name it we bring food and I don’t even tell anyone its gluten-free, they never know the difference.   However those times when I do tell people, I notice they start to find something wrong with it, even though it was the best thing they ever tasted last month when I brought it and they had no idea it was gluten-free.   People are funny and assume it must be bad if its gluten-free, NOPE that is just their awful outlook on life and the thought of it being something they don’t want to have to eat (sort of like a toddler at the table with a new food).  Although I will admit when we first started this journey we had a lot of foods that were less than appetizing.  LOL but those we never shared with others.

All that to show you the site I am featured on.   Please take a look at all the wonderful information she has on different things.   You are sure to find something that will peak your interest and let me know what you think of my article.

My main goal is to always be there for others as I know I sure could have used this when I got my diagnosis.   Thankfully I had the support of my whole family although my kid will tell you she will sometimes just go buy soft chewy rolls at the store.  There is no replacement for them.

I never accept advertising on my site, I don’t want to annoy my readers.   I purely do this to help others and do not make a cent bringing my information and recipes to you.    Please support me by signing up for emails, joining my social networking like Facebook and twitter.   I appreciate your support to help me get the word out to those who may need that little extra encouragement as they are starting their Gluten Free Journey.


Click below to see my article and a ton of helpful information on other illnesses:

Living The Diagnosis: Stories and education from real people.

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