Homemade Sugar Free Coffee Creamer

I love coffee creamer but I don’t love all the sugar.      The sugar-free coffee creamers usually have ingredients I don’t enjoy that leave an after taste or other unpleasant side effects.   there are some that have corn syrup or sugar but then they strip it out so its only trivial amounts of sugar, but why?  I enjoy being sugar-free, I always start my new year out 100% and see how long I can go. (usually not long since I love baking)

Spilt Tea

I gave up creamers for a while because I just didn’t want the fake sugar, the chemicals or the sugar.   but I love creamer!     I was using cream and stevia but I missed the flavor and I just don’t catch the flavor in the bottled stevia flavors without adding a ton in my coffee which leaves it tasting bitter.

With 3 simple ingredients I am back to being a happy coffee drinker.



Just add and give a gentle shake. (be careful when opening back up).     How much is added is up to your preference of taste.   I added 3/4 tsp of caramel and 1 of the itty bitty scoops of stevia.    Yummy!

you can also use almond, soy, coconut milks and what ever flavor you prefer.

Sure beats all the chemicals and sugar they put into the creamers you buy off the shelf.



I drink this all day long after my first cup of coffee which is still always the same way.   My first cup of coffee gets me going in the morning and then all the other cups are for pure enjoyment.   See my Morning Coffee Recipe

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