Down by the bay stir fry (scallops)

This recipe makes me want to burst out in song, “Down by the bay…….where the watermelons grow………..There is a place………..I dare not go”   okay enough of that but I burst out in song because this recipe just makes me so happy.   such a simple dish yet health and yummy.  Healthy and yummy don’t always go together!   Its kind of throw together so I will try to walk you through it the best I can.   You have to try it though it’s so good. I am finishing up the leftovers as I type.

two lbs of bay scallops (1 lb if they are not on sale but I love those little things so when they go on sale, I get a couple)    Salt and pepper them then throw them in a large non stick high rimmed skillet with a little olive oil and brown them just a bit.

then throw in 1 medium diced onion, 2 diced garlic cloves, 2 thinly sliced then cut in half red peppers, 2 large carrots cut into match sticks and saute them til tender. about  3-4 minutes.

add in 3-4 tbsp of low sodium gltuen free soy sauce or liquid aminos or coconut amino, your choice they all work.  you can add a little more or a little less to your liking.

Serve over brown rice.   kiddo didn’t like this so next time I will make white rice for her.  she is picky about rices?????oh well I guess I am picky at times too.    But over all this was a dish I will go back to many many times.  I am kind of wanting another bowl as I type.  I finished my leftovers and I am a little sad.   I have puppy dog eyes looking at my empty bowl.

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