Sausage Gravy and Waffles

Do you ever get tired of biscuits that fail to be fluffy and light?   Although I have some wonderful recipes that work well and taste good with honey drizzled on them, I miss the good old-fashioned light biscuits for my sausage gravy.     No more.  I had this idea when I was thinking breakfast for dinner, I love doing that.    but I didn’t want waffles with syrup so I decided why not make my sausage gravy and serve it over waffles with a side of hash browns and fried eggs.   Turned out to be a wonderfully awesome filling dish!  The whole family loved it, loved it so much in fact that I forgot to get photos of it……

Nothing hard or special about the meal, you simply take 1 lb of sausage (your choice between a sweet, regular or spicy blend) and fry it up.   I use good quality sausage so there is only a little oil left over after I take the sausage out of the pan.  I put about 1/4 cup of GF flour in it and let it brown just a bit and then add salt and pepper along with milk and put the sausage back in.   How much milk you put in depends on just how thick you like it.  I used about 2 cups of milk. (yes you can use almond or coconut milk with the same results)

I took premade (lazy cook and proud of it) store-bought GF/DF/SF waffles and toasted them in the toaster and put them in the oven on warm while everything else was finishing.  (such as the premade, sore-bought hash browns I had sauteing over in the other pan with garlic salt, onion powder and pepper)

now fry up some eggs, put a waffle on the plate with gravy over it and a side of hash browns and you have a wonderful meal.  a play on breakfast without the sweetness and the waffles met every expectation I had.  slightly crunchy outside, soft tender inside, not dense at all and it was the perfect accompaniment to my gravy.

the family really enjoyed it.

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