Elegant Elephant Review

The Elegant Elephant is a little hole in the wall place, literally. You have this big large parking lot and then you walk down some stairs to a little hole (window) in the wall and this is where you order from. I wanted to get a photo to show you but it was busy with people and that wouldn’t be nice to take photos of others, so you will just have to experience it for yourself.

When it was our turn, the whole thing was just magical like we were ordering from a secret society of food people. The feeling was so invigorating that others must has thought we were crazy because at one point I think we were giggling from excitement. This is in Oregon and we were having some of the hottest weather they have ever seen and it was worth standing in the heat to have this experience.

By the time we got there, they were sold out of a lot but we did manage to get some treats, and unfortunately we were so excited about it all I either forgot to take photos or lost them on my camera. I did get a photo of the best thing that they had which was an ice cream cookie,

We had a chocolate croissant which we did not personally enjoy but it could be someone’s favorite, We like our treats sweet and this was a bitter chocolate in an unsweet croissant-like type dough.

We had a chocolate banana donut which was a dense cake donut, I am still on the search for a fluffy yeast donut. but the flavor was good. I would be interested in trying more flavors.

We had a lemon curd donut and that was awesome, the lemon curd was amazing and since we just bought one we all fought for that one. The Lemon curd was perfectly done and perfectly delicious.

We also bought a cinnamon roll for the great cinnamon roll battle. That post will be later

but the best thing we had here was the ice cream cookie. I smiled for the rest of the day after eating that. It could have been the sugar high but then it could have been it was just that good. it was like cookie dough wrapped around the perfect vanilla ice cream. Perfect for a hot Oregon Day.

Overall impression: Not only do you want to go here for the goodies but you want to go here for the most magical experience of your life. I can’t get over how I felt finding the little hole (window) in the wall to talk through the glass to a person who had all these goodies inside. I felt giddy with anticipation and a rush I just can’t explain. It is just something you have to experience for yourself. I may have just been having a lot of fun that day but it was a fun I never wanted to end.

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