Gluten Baby Belly- Down Side to Celiac

I am Pregnant again!


Not really but it seems that way.
Bloating isn’t always a side effect to gluten for all, but it is the number one issue for me along with brain fog, extreme pain and then two-three weeks of feeling like I got run over, then backed over by a semi before being thrown off a tall building.
I have actually been asked “where you pregnant when you came in?” My response is always no but I am now and you can thank your wonderful kitchen staff for it. The looks I get are priceless. I don’t expect to get 100% gluten free when dining out; I know they can’t be as careful as I am at home. It is the risk I take by eating out and I get kind of angry at people who think everyone owes them 100% gluten free. You make your own choices, you buy that food that may be cross contaminated, you go out to eat when you know the chance of cross contamination is high, your choice……………..But I do respect any establishment that tries and I have quite a few that I can depend on that give me a gluten free meal 90% of the time.
Do I ever mess up at home? Of course I do. I forget to look at a products ingredient list. It may be something I buy weekly but it is still my responsibility to read ingredients because we all know they change often. I also buy things that are made on shared lines and I am playing gluten Russian roulette, sometimes I win sometimes I lose.
This is just the life of someone with Celiac Disease. Since I am also allergic to gluten above having celiac I think I might get hit a little harder than some. I do consider myself lucky that I don’t spend the night retching like I know some of my readers do. I also get hit with colitis and crohns flare ups, which leaves my insides a tangled mess.
But back to the pregnant part……
When I go out, I always make sure I wear clothes that will grow with me. I remember the few times I didn’t and talk about miserable. Oh my is all I can say. In my closet I actually own pregnancy cloths although it’s been 10 years since my last child. There have been more times than I can count that I have bloated and stayed bloated for days. My friends know me but I get the weirdest glances from acquaintances that are not hip to my gluten babies yet.
I like to call my bloat, my gluten baby. I figure I have just about had over 1000 of them in my short 10 years of being GF and undiagnosed for many years. I am not ashamed to admit I will never wear a bikini and there is no way to get my pre-bloat-baby belly back. Years of exercise shows just when I get my belly somewhat back into shape here comes the gluten and I lose everything. Sometimes I wonder if trying is even is worth it.
Most times I am positive and I like to go along and pretend that Celiac isn’t so bad, but today I wanted to be totally honest and open with you. Sometimes it just SUCKS!
Look past the fact I don’t have makeup on and I am in a lot of pain in the later photos.
Honest photos of how Celiac sometimes gets me down.

IMG_4032I am a size 6 when not bloated to give you an idea.


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