Fruit Cobbler in a Mug

I have mastered the cake in a mug, so as I was thinking about all the fresh fruit of the summer I thought what would a pie in a mug be like?

Although my pies in a mug didn’t work out my fruit cobbler was a yummy treat that left me eating the entire mug and looking around to see if I had more ingredients to make more.  Sadly I did not.

I knew this concept  must have been done before so I started searching on-line to see what I did wrong.  I felt better since they all had the same thing in common, no crust.   They all used cookie crumbles or just plain pie fillings.     Its going to drive me crazy if I don’t figure it out but I will save that for some other day.   Three mugs of fruit has left me a little full.

First attempt I simply put pie crust in a mug lining the bottom and sides.  Added fruit that I had already made up of strawberries and mango reduced with sugar and cornstarch.  and added a piece of dough on top.    Failure: as the dough just melted into the fruit and the sides were just gooey.   Good flavor but not pie consistency.



Second attempt since I am not one to give up easily, I did the same process but used the convection oven setting on my microwave.  I was thinking if this worked I could just bake the “Mug Pie” in the oven.    Although good and I did eat the whole mug it wasn’t a crispy pie crust although it was more intact than my first attempt.  It just wasn’t perfect for me.


Third attempt and the winner!   A fruit cobbler.   I used the rest of the fruit and made a brown sugar crumble for the top.    It was warm and gooey and I stirred it all together and had the most delightful dessert.    This will be my go to if i just feel like eating one serving of warm fruit cobbler.


In Alaska we go fresh berry picking and fresh fruit from the farmers market is awesome.   I can’t wait for this summer and the endless fruit dishes I can create.

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  1. laura says:

    Hmmm I wonder why the pie didn’t cook very well? Maybe too quick of a cook time, maybe it needs the long slow cook to keep the butter from just getting gooey? I like the idea of cobbler cup yet I don’t have a microwave!

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