Bacon Salad Dressing

I found an awesome recipe on a blog that I follow.   A great blog that just hits home because as a mother I hear “what’s for dinner” at least three times a night.    80% of the time I don’t know until its time to cook it, but tonight I had it all planned out.

Hey What’s For Dinner posted a great blog on a club sandwich salad with a bacon dressing.    Not being one to follow directions, I tweaked the salad part quite a bit but the dressing I followed more closely.   Tweaking comes from years of having to transform almost everything I find from gluten to gluten free.

My family adored this, the comment from my husband was “I could eat this once a week” as he got a second plate of salad.   My daughter licked the salad dressing spoon and cleaned her plate.  Surprisingly I am not a salad eater but this left me wanting a second plate as well although I declined since I have to watch how many greens I eat in one setting.   The reason this salad is so good is basically the tantalizing, awesomeness of the salad dressing.  It was just pure heaven.


You can see the original recipe here.

The tweaks I made were:

1.   I left the ham out and just used turkey slices.

2.  I shredded the cheese instead of cubed.

3.  I added more chopped veggies according to my family’s taste for salads.

4.   I used gluten-free bread

4.  I added a couple drops of liquid smoke. (by mistake, it was really hard to get just a drop)

5. I doubled the garlic since we love our garlic.


that was all the tweaks I did and it was so delicious.

please take time to check out their website and let me know how you enjoy the salad.  I promise you won’t be disappointed, every family member here likes their salad a different way but this was one salad we all agreed on having again.  Best of all was it was so easy to put together.





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