Mom’s Best Cereals – review

Mom’s Best Cereals
It’s no secret I am a cereal-a-holic.  Whenever I am left to cook without my husband I immediately hear the moans of the kids since they know I will break out the cereal. Sadly they don’t share my love for cereal, in fact my youngest has such an aversion to cereal he won’t eat it at all.
When I was diagnosed with MTHFR my cereal days had to come to an end. Because they add so many synthetic vitamins and minerals to mainstream cereals even eating a bowl would set me in a downward spiral of illness. Not willing to give up my cereal I weaned myself down to 1 bowl a week.


By chance my store was having a debut of this new cereal and I was surprised to see a gluten-free statement on it. You never find gluten-free cereal on sale and this was a mega sale. I bought a cart full, I will just leave it at that. The best part is that it is not expensive even when it is not on sale. When companies slap a gluten-free label on something, they usually put a price tag on it to match. I understand its more expensive to get this label but to increase a product $2-4 just because is just a way for companies to screw the consumer and make money above and beyond what they already do. Shameful, Just shameful (my biggest irk with GF companies)
Mom’s Best Cereal’s keep their products low for their non-gluten-free and their gluten-free products. I admire Mom’s for this fact alone and will support them forever unless they too follow the trend of screwing the consumer on price and quality.


Perks, I am not sure I can name them all without making this a mini novel. I am really impressed with this company and their products!
1. The taste is amazing! They have a crispy cocoa rice, a cocoa safari and a cocoa marshmallow safari. Have I got your attention. Extreme cocoa flavor and it is so addicting. I can get a cereal and a chocolate fix all in one setting.
2. They are gluten-free. They also produce other products that are not gluten-free however they take the utmost care concerning allergies.
3. No artificial flavors or preservatives.
4. No additional synthetic vitamins or minerals added which means I can eat as much as want with my MTHFR. (maybe that isn’t such a good thing but I enjoy having my cereal back)
5. No High fructose corn syrup
6. No partially hydrogenated oil
7. Most of their products are Kosher certified
8. They recycle and care about nature. I know you are wondering what this has to do with food but it shows you the attitude of the company which is important. They care about the earth, the consumer, and doing what is right.
9. The price, they have an ordinary not hiked up price. They pass their savings on to the consumers which is a lot more than I can say for other gluten-free cereals.
10. No artificial colors or dyes. They use carrot, blueberry and pumpkin concentrates for the color. This makes me very happy as a mother since I have kid that reacts to food dyes something awful.
11. Trans fat is 0g, saturated fat .5g, and sodium is only 85g. No there isn’t a ton of vitamins and minerals however when you get them from other cereals you know you are getting man-made synthetic fake vitamins and minerals right? I am just fine with them being left out. If I want those vitamins and minerals I will go eat the fruits and veggies that give me them in natural forms. (another pet peeve of mine is added vitamins and minerals)
There are a few things that can be tweaked like the gmo status. Other than that I find these cereals darn near perfect; for me and my needs anyway.
This is from their website.
“What is MOM’s Simple Goodness Promise?
At MOM Brands®, we promise that products bearing our Simple Goodness Promise do not contain synthetic colors, preservatives, artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils. We carefully and closely adhere to the guidelines and regulations set forth by the FDA on food labeling and encourage and welcome our consumers to learn more about the food they eat in order to make the choices that work best for their family. Unlike many other manufacturers of cereals, we do not charge a premium price for our cereals. Our prices reflect the cost of the ingredients we use to make our products, and we pass that savings on to our consumers. Certified organic and non-GMO ingredients are quite a bit more expensive than conventional ingredients. Today, food insecurity is a fact of life for one out of every five families with children. We believe we can best serve the needs of more families in this country by providing safe, high-quality cereals at affordable prices.
We’re honest and forthright about our brand’s attributes and have strived to create products that balance great taste, quality ingredients and affordability.”


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