Tostada Pizza

My son loves his tostadas.   When we have a tostada/taco dinner night  I find myself spending my entire dinner time slapping the beans, sauce, cheese, and lettuce on them as he devours them down.  I barely get 1/4 of mine done before he needs another.  Sometimes we make 5-10 of them ahead of time just to help things out.  He can eat a slew of them, being a growing boy.   They are time consuming to make even though he likes them put together very simply with a few ingredients.

Sitting in the car yesterday I had a brainstorm as I was thinking about what am I going to prepare for dinner.   His other favorite is pizza so I was teetering back and forth on those two items when it hit me smack dab in the face.  Tostada Pizza!    It was one simple process and it made a good size meal.  One pizza filled him up  (pizza crust being thicker and more filling than the little corn tostadas) so there was only making one.   I loved it, he loved it and I am sharing in hopes you will love it.

Of course I know this is not an unique thing; I just saw this morning on food network a recipe for a taco pizza and I am thinking darn they stole my idea but in reality I am sure this has already been done way before my little brainstorm, but who cares my son loves it and I am a happy momma.

Step 1 – take your favorite pizza crust and place on a pizza tin. (this is what I had in the freezer from a store sale)


Step 2 – Spread your favorite refried beans on.  (I pureed mine to make them creamy)


Step 3 – Add taco sauce; we use Taco Bell sauce. (pureed for a smooth texture)


Step 4 – Add Cheese.  You can use Daiya for a dairy free option. (this can be done before or after cooking depending on taste)


 Step 5 – Bake.  Use the instructions on the crust you are using since the beans and sauce (cheese if using prior to baking) just need to be warmed.


Step 6 – add Lettuce and/or toppings of choice.


Step 7 – Cut, serve and enjoy.



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