Gluten Free at Shorebird, Waikkiki HI

Shorebirds was recommended to us by a guy at work.  Of course it would be a guy who else would think its okay to go to a sit down restaurant to cook your own food.   I rolled with it and went along seeing that all their Gluten-free items were clearly marked.  This made me feel more at ease that they understood food allergies.

the place is not fancy, it is in a hotel on the beach with monitors so that you can watch surfers. It was a busy place with lots of hustle and bustle.  The salad bar which we were looking forward to the most was bare compared to what we have at home.  there was basic salad stuff but nothing fancy (basic iceberg lettuce, some baby corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts) and after all you are paying for an all you can eat salad bar.  but I was able to get a small salad and tried loomi loomi which was awesome.  the rest was pasta salad.   so for the gluten-free person the salad bar is small and limited.  the meats however are marked gluten-free.  If it doesn’t show gluten-free ask, I had the mahi mahi and the only thing not making that gluten free was the tartar sauce it came with.  okay leave it off!  so I enjoyed a fish while the others enjoyed steak.  they enjoyed grilling it themselves putting on their seasonings .  I sat at the table with the youngest happy to give my fish to my husband to grill.   This girl ain’t cooking when she is being taken out for dinner!

We all had a great time however we felt the food choices and amounts were not worth the money.  Basically you are paying for atmosphere which it does have a lot of.  We are more the quiet type enjoy a nice meal type family and this was more hustle bustle, have a drink on the beach type place.  Good food and gluten-free friendly and the atmosphere is great.  We dressed up so we felt out-of-place big time but that was our own fault.

Mahalo Shorebird.

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