PF Changs, Oahu Hawaii

PF Changs is a place we always go to when we go somewhere they are at.  My daughter almost lived there in Oregon and when I would visit we always had to go to PF Changs.  Mainly because this is one of the first chinese places to offer gluten-free choices and wow was I amazed that when we visited in Hawaii their menu has almost doubled for the choices we have.  I had a hard time choosing as I was like a kid in a candy store.   My daughter and I always order two dinners and then share so we can have more variety and try more things.   (Sadly we don’t have a PF Changs in Alaska so we go wild when we find one on trips!)  the lettuce wraps are always a must.

We never leave disappointed and they are always so friendly and nice and they are aware of gluten allergies.  although I wish they would not bring the non gluten sauces out to the table (I suppose the other diners we shared the table with enjoyed husband and other daughter) but it is frustrating to us who can’t eat it.  Oh well the food is divine, we are never disappointed.

I would highly recommend this place.  Keep in mind that this is only gluten-free if you have other allergies like soy sensitivity this is not the place as most is soy based.   My son was content in eating his little packed lunch and filling up on rootbeer which we later regretted as the sugar made him bounce off the wall.   For good food might have been an okay trade-off.

Love this place no matter what state/city I am in.  Never had a bad experience here.

Mahalo PF Changs.

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