gluten free dining at the Polynesian cultural center, oahu HI

The Polynesian Culture Center was the highlight of our trip.  Not only was it fun and interesting but we were also to enjoy good food without getting sick.

I had been working with the food director there for several weeks before our visit. 1-808-782-5961 and upon arrival contacted her again.  We went over the menu’s and what is available and decided on Prime dining (not just because it looked the best with the most yummiest foods) because it had many things that are naturally gluten-free.   they did a wonderful job keeping a clean buffet line which I was worried about at first.    We were able to stuff ourselves to the point of wobbling without getting any cross contamination.  This kind of amazed me with the amount of food we ate but it was all clean and they put out small portions and refilled constantly so there was no messes and we were able to eat till our little tummies popped.

I was scared to say the least because I was sure I wouldn’t understand Hawaiian food or find people who understood food allergies.   but I was pleasantly surprised and I was able to enjoy my self with every aspect of the Polynesian Center.

Even if you don’t eat or have food allergies this is must see place when you visit.  100% satisfied.

Mahalo Polynesian cultural center.

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