Zippy’s, Oahu Hawaii

Zippy’s in Kapolei, HI was a quaint little place, actually two places in one.  They had a  little sit down diner and then a buffet type deal where you could just build a plate and leave.  We chose to sit down for a breakfast.  It reminded me of a denny’s in the states.

The atmosphere was friendly, the staff was polite and we enjoyed a nice breakfast.  Toast doesn’t come standard with their omelette so we just ordered a omelet with hash browns and bacon.  The three of us with food allergies did very well and my youngest who has multiple allergies was able to enjoy a hard-boiled egg with bacon and there was no sickness following for any of us.    I find this usually means there is a well run kitchen in the back with little cross contamination.  I can’t say this about every eatery we go to.

We were hoping to go back as we got good food and good service but never did for lack of time.  My oldest really wanted a spam omelet.   For my one visit I do recommend them highly as it was just good food and family time for us. And walking out full instead of sick is a plus in our book.

Mahalo Zippy’s

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