Gluten Free Star Bread

I am sure you all have seen the you-tube videos and recipes how to make the Nutella Star Bread, if you have not here is a link: Star Bread

Two problems, We cannot have gluten nor Nutella due to food allergies and auto immune disease (Celiac)  but we really wanted this Star bread.

Well I guess that means we make our own!

Finding a pizza dough that would be sturdy enough to roll out and roll thin (no elastic in gluten-free bread) was rough but we managed by adding a little more flour to the Bob Red Mill gluten-free pizza mix and I will tell you it was not as thin as what they did so ours turned out a little denser and a little harder to twist.

For the Nutella we replaced that with a chocolate peanut butter called Dark Chocolate Dreams.

Was it good?   well it may not have looked as pretty as the video but it tasted great!  And since its St. Patrick’s day next week I had to try to make a 4 leaf clover using the same technique.  I free-handed that one so it’s not as neat looking but still tasted great!

If I can make this, anyone can make this, it was really very simple.    It took my daughter and I no time at all rolling it all out spreading and twisting.    It may look intimidating but it really isn’t at all.

You should try your own.

IMG_3907 IMG_3909

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