gluten/dairy/soy/grain//startch/corn free gravy


You would think that a gravy that has no gluten, corn, dairy, soy, grains, starch would taste… well… bland.  NO WAY,  think again.

I found this little hint on another website so I am not taking credit for creating it however it is too good not to pass on to my readers especially when one is doing a new way of eating.

We love roast and we usually make a nice thick gravy to go with it.   Problem with that is you use cornstarch/tapioca or some other type of thickener which is off our diet list right now.   So we made this and were quite pleased with the results.

Note: a good blender such as a vitamix will do best if you don’t want little bits in there however the little bits taste wonderful.   Its a texture issue to some to want smooth gravy.

simply roast your roast as normal with twice the veggies.  At the end take 1/2 of those veggies and a small amount of juice from the roast and puree.  Add salt and pepper if needed.   IS THAT IT?  yes that is it.  For thicker, more veggies less juice, for thinner add more juice.

now here is where I take credit.   Gravy makes every thing better  but how do you get this gravy when you roast a turkey or chicken?   simple.   take some (quite a bit) onions and saute them in olive oil or dairy/soy free butter take them with some of the chicken drippings and puree.

add liquid if it looks too thick.

this even works well with country fried steak breaded in almond flour.

Oh my goodness I am so in love with gravy on everything right now.

We grew up in a generation where gravy was the norm for everything.  My kids don’t share the same love for gravy as my husband and I but that is okay, more for us!

Happy eating.

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