Glutenfree cookie brownie suprise.

Not sure if this is a cookie, a brownie or a candy bar or for that matter a muffin since I baked it in mini muffin pans.   Considering the work that was involved in this, I will most likely not be making this again.   Whew I am exhausted and it made so many.   But the biggest reason is…………….Its a pure sugar rush treat.     I almost went through a whole pot of coffee just eating the crumbs.  Plus two little treats.

I did them two ways just to see which I liked better and to be honest I think they both scored an A so I couldn’t decide.  I will be taking these to bible study which isn’t the biggest test of my food because what is a bunch of bible study ladies going to say “that was the worst thing I ever put in my mouth!!!”   Probably not but last week I failed terribly with black bean brownies and I knew it because most of them were still there at the end of the night.  I am hoping for no leftovers so that I don’t have to bring them home.

Here is a picture before I share the recipe combo.   the recipe part is easy peasy if you cheat a little, its the putting together that is time consuming.

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Recipe takes 1 favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe (use a boxed mix for ease) 1 favorite brownie recipe (use a boxed mix for ease) and a bag of mini recess peanut butter cups.  (the ingredients will vary depending on if you use a box or a recipe)

Spray pans very well.  this will help if you don’t use cupcake liners.

make a thin layer (remember these will rise about 1/4 to 1/2 inch) of cookie dough in mini muffin pan or you can do regular muffins and use muffin cups (doing it this way will add ease to getting them out of the pan plus provide a bigger dessert) Place a mini recess peanut butter cup in the middle of the cookie dough and cover with brownie mix.  Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.    If not using cupcake liners, let cook completely in pan as this will let them set up and it will help with getting them out in one piece.

When I ran out of brownie mix I took left over cookie dough and finished off the rest of them making a layer of cookie dough, mini recess cup and another layer of cookie dough.   these looked amazing, a little cookie muffin but when you bite into them…. surprise.

I immediately put them away in the fridge as to get them out of my site once they cooled.   This is a temptation I just can’t say no too.   Especially since I made a whole new pot of coffee!


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