Gluten Free Cafe Products: Review

My husband brought home a frozen meal the other day.    I don’t normally buy frozen prepared meals just because its easier to make my own.   But I was thankful today when I had nothing else to eat and was tired from doctors visits.  So I heated it up and had an enjoyable lunch.

Gluten Free Cafe ~ Lemon Basil Chicken.

Its the usual frozen meal with 340 calories per serving. no trans fat but 720 mg of sodium.  It is certified gluten free and contains milk for those of you who have to watch your dairy.

the description reads a zesty chicken with garlic and herbs in a lemon-basil sauce over rice.  I don’t normally enjoy citrus but the lemon was not over powering and the basil was a nice touch.   the chicken however was scarce I counted 4 little itty bitty pieces of chicken so it was mostly sauce over white rice which was okay as I am not a big meat eater anyway.    there was plenty of sauce so it wasn’t dry and it was a perfect serving for lunch.   If I were having it for dinner which is usually my bigger meal then I would have to eat something with it to fill me up.   I will probably need a snack in an hour or two but otherwise this was very satisfying.   I started eating it with doubts and ended up happily satisfied.

If these were on sale I might consider buying some to keep in my freezer for days like this.  I am interested in trying some of the other flavors and products now that I know they are edible.    perhaps in the future but for now I will be content wit my one box since they are a little pricey here in Alaska.

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