Enjoy Life Products

Enjoy Life products never cease to amaze me.  they are so wonderfully good with no allergens!


If I were to buy a premade item this is the company I would go with.   I try not to do it too much because its expensive, at least here in Alaska.  But when I saw a new product I haven’t had before I just had to buy a box.   They have been out for a while but this is the first it has been in stores.   The crunchy chocolate chip cookie………..yum.   I will be the first to say (actually the second since my son don’t like them either) I am not a fan of the crunchy cookies.   I like the sugar cookie okay and the double chocolate chip is edible but I am just not a fan on the vanilla honey and that seems to be what the stores only carry.   So now I have the box of chocolate chip crunchy cookies in front of me……okay all that is left is crumbs but they were sitting in front of me a minute ago.    They are good, very delicate and some were broken.  That actually is a good things since this is how calories escape so it wasn’t such a bad thing that I devoured a box of broken cookies.   They reminded me of when I was a kids and had boxed chocolate chip cookies.  Now reminding you it has been 7-8 year since I have had a store-bought gluten filled crappy cookie so if you are not gluten-free and think these were not as good that’s your opinion but for me it was a fun day eating them and closing my eyes to the memories it brought back.

Yes I would buy these again, if they were on sale.     I don’t justify very often spending $5 on a box of cookies that disappear in a matter of 10 minutes.    Nice for trips, lunches, emergency cravings, you name it these are great    I love them I would eat them again and I really hope they go on sale soon so I can stock up some more.

two thumbs up for the crunchy chocolate chip cookies!

Cookie CrumbsI give two thumbs up for the crumbs as well!


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