Honey Mustard Breaded Chicken Fillets

Tired of endlessly trying recipes off the internet hoping to find a winner that is low-calorie, healthy and that every one enjoys I decided to go off and make my own.  although I am sure it’s not original I did not follow a recipe but simply threw things together.

I  took chicken breast fillets that I had pounded a bit to make thinner.  I was going for a crunchy meat type meal instead of a meaty crunch type meal if that makes sense.    I then  dipped them into honey mustard salad dressing.  ( for 0 calories, 0 everything except sodium use Walden farms honey mustard dressing)   or you can use a Kraft low-fat variety.  There are many on the market.   (keep in mind to look for allergens)  I made mine gluten/dairy/soy free.   I then took the dressing covered chicken breast and put them in course bread crumbs made from an allergy free bread I had baked.  I am sure any commercial GF bread crumb would work I even thought of using potato flakes but went for my homemade bread this time.  I placed it on a greased cookie sheet and baked in the oven at 350 F.   How long you bake it will depend on how big and how thick your cutlets are.  keep an eye on it because if you over cook it will get dry but a remedy to that is to just make your salad dressing a dipping sauce as well.  (new dressing of course none that has touched raw chicken)

I served with a healthy salad.   only because I forgot to make the wild rice I was planning on doing with the meal.  It was nice, light, flavorful, easy and a good filling meal.

I enjoyed it.

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