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What a lovely surprise I got today as I was wondering the bakery section at my local store waiting for my pharmacy order. Lovely indeed. I came across a brightly packaged cookie net weight 6.3 ounces so we are talking two pretty big sized cookies in a basket among the rows of pastries.

Okay stop the presses here for a rant. Don’t you just hate it when stores put a gluten-free item in with the rest of the gluten things. No person who has celiac is going to go shopping among the pastries. It was by accident I found these. How long would these have sat there had I not been wondering aimlessly?

Okay back to the cookies. Liz Lovely makes a gluten-free cookie, there are several types but the only one they had were chocolate chip so I bought one just to try.

1. They were expensive but then what Gluten Free item isn’t? $4 for the two cookies. That is $2. per cookie for those who don’t want to think right now. Not a treat I will buy every week but a treat I will buy occasionally.
2. Yum, these tasted like cookie dough, so I am eating it and its like a blob of cookie dough. So I am thinking I need to be home watching a chick flick with these. Alas I was in the car and I devoured every last crumb on the one even the crumbs that fell on the chair which I did get once I got to my destination.

I give them a thumbs up, one for taste and one because I applaud anyone who does gluten-free and makes it taste good. plus they are dairy and egg free. they contain soy but that’s okay this is a cookie I reserve for me the grown up in the family and will continue to give other treats to my son who is soy free. I am confident that they may jump on board and be soy free one day too seeing that is a big yucky to a lot of people.

so I am sitting here looking at the second cookie which I (against my will) saved for later wondering how to get my little boy to sleep so I can snuggle up to a cup of coffee and a chick flick. Nothing goes better than cookie dough and tears.

If you haven’t tried these go searching through your local pastry section, they may be there and if not there is a store locator on their website. I can’t wait to see what the other flavors taste like. I bet just as good and when I try them I will be sure to update you on how I rate them.

now excuse me while I go hide this cookie till I can get my son to bed because my will power right now is not strong.

Good Job Liz Lovely.

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