Crockpot PB&C Cake

It was a busy day in our house as we rushed around getting ready for my daughters graduation. I wanted to do a cake but I was so short on time I wasn’t sure what to do. I looked up crock pot cake recipes and found some basic ones but my daughter being very adamant on what she likes asked for a special kind so doing my best I put together this using the basic recipe but changing around the Gluten items to Gluten free and adding different flavor combination. It was very good. First night it was oooey gooey goodness that was so rich in flavor 3 of us didn’t finish the bowl. the second day its wasn’t as ooey gooey unless you microwaved it which I did but daughter liked it cold. It was so stinking easy I just may make cakes in the crock pot from now on……………

Peanut Butter and chocolate Crockpot Cake

in a large bowl combine the following:

2 tsp vanilla ~ 1 & 1/3 cup water ~ 3/4 cup oil ~1 packgage gluten-free cafe chocolate cake mix ~3.5 oz instant chocolate pudding mix ~ 4 eggs.
(notes if you use a betty Crocker GF mix you might want two boxes I opted for GFCafe because it makes a larger cake like a normal gluten cake mix would)

once mixed swirl in 1 cup Peanut butter (smooth) and then fold in 12 oz peanut butter chips.

Pour into a greased crock pot and cook on low 6-7 hours.

Before eating sprinkle the cake with 12 oz of peanut butter & chocolate chips and let melt. Serve with vanilla ice cream to counter the sweetness. I loved it with a big pot of coffee. My sweet tooth almost went into a coma.

crockpot cake

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