Sorry to my readers

as you may have noticed my blogs are a little lacking lately.  far and few inbetween.   I have been fighting illness now for 4 weeks and it is wearing on me.   my family don’t get that many home made meals lately  as you can tell by my previous post of premade pizza crust. 

Please stick with me I promise I will be up soon and back to posting wonderful recipes for you. 

On that note is there anything you have been craving that you just can’t figure out how to transform to gluten free?   give me some thoughts and maybe I can get motivated.

This summer my family and I are going to work on extra healthy so you will find posts of very healthy dishes, hoping all under 500 calories will be posting soon.   The long Alaskan winter has put pounds on all of us  lately except my youngest who is a little whip of a kid depsite eating.   Him we are trying to put weight on

When I was very sick a few years ago I would cook three meals, a low calorie meal for me, a regular meat and potato meal for husband and middle kid and a very high calorie for my son.  it got to the point I was going crazy with three meals like that a day.   so this summer we are all on the same healthy diet  just for my son he gets double/triple portions of it or a side of high calorie snacks.


Again thanks for sticking with me and I hope to be on my tip toes again soon.



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