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Out of the Box, 3831 Spenard Rd, Anchorage Ak 99517

Today was our first time visiting even though I have heard raving reviews on this place for a long time.  They started out in a food truck so I was never able to get in to see them during open hours, when they started in their permanent location with sit down dining, I tried but just never found a good time.    Today however I made it a point to drive out of my way just to visit, and I was so glad I did.

My son who is my co-critic and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch.  It was a little overwhelming and confusing at first as they had a lot of different things going on.   First question out of my mouth (even though I knew it was all safe from previous reviews) was about the gluten-free status.   In our defense there is just hardly anywhere you can get fries with a burger because of the cross contamination issues.  The guy at the counter was kind and patient with my questions and explained everything.   Amazing, it was all gluten-free, it was all safe.  (see next paragraph for a tidbit on gluten)

It was almost as if I enter an alternate universe when I walked through the doors.  Everything was gluten-free, but they do have a supply of gluten buns for the burgers that they can toast up for those who just won’t eat gluten-free.   The buns are toasted completely separate and away from things to avoid cross contamination issues.    I am use to going places where people change gloves and are careful when they handle gluten-free things but in this restaurant, new gloves and precaution is made to handle gluten items.   Hilarious and something I never thought I would see.

Moving on to the food…

(My review is of burger and fries, this is what we came for but the variety of food I saw coming out of the kitchen was amazing.  Fish, chicken, gravy covered things, they have an extensive menu)

Eating here reminded me of childhood when momma would take us to the local diner and everything was cooked fresh and right then.  None of this fast food processed nonsense.   From the friendly people working, to the homemade food to the relaxed atmosphere it was a very enjoyable experience.  People seemed to know each other and you could tell some people were regulars and even if you weren’t by golly you were treated like you were one.    It was just a friendly place.

My son devoured his burger and I ended up sharing 1/2 my fries and as soon as he finished he asked if he could have another.  It was really good food.   You could tell the burgers were homemade and 100% Angus beef which evidently makes a difference because they were delicious.  the fries were good and cooked perfectly.   I was afraid my son wouldn’t eat them when I saw they still had peels on them, but he powered through them and mine without a second thought.


Over all my son had a great time and as we were walking out the door he asked if we could make this a regular place to go.    To have a hamburger with fries is rare, to have a hamburger with fries and friendly people even rarer, and to have a fully Gluten Free place to get a hamburger and fries and friendly service is almost unheard of but today we got just that.

Thank you Out Of The Box.

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