Schar Snack Cake, Review

We don’t get many of the Schar products up here, how I wish we did.  They have so many things that are amazing like bread sticks, cookies, croissants (which I have yet to try) snack cakes, crackers, breads and more.

Along with a few other new products at my local store I found the snack cakes.   I have sampled these before thanks to my daughter who sent me some all the way from Ohio but I was super excited that I can now find these in Alaska.

A few things about these.

  1. They are great for lunches as they come 10 to a pack and are individually wrapped.  This also helps you not eat the whole package at once.
  2. They are your typical packaged snack cake (which is why I love them)
  3. They are a tab bit dense and dry, hoping that the processing is improved over time
  4. They are just fun and makes you feel like a child again

I find the cake in these to be dry and crumbly, I find the coating around the cake to be too thin, waxy and artificial, I find the cream in the middle lacking, and I find that these  (except for the dry part) just like every other over processed over sweet snack cake that comes in a package at your local gas station.  The snacks you begged your mom for every time she stopped for gas.    It leaves the waxy taste in your mouth but that’s easily washed down with coffee or a soda if your kid.   This is just an all american over processed  piece of goodness.

Now it may sound like I am knocking it, I am not.

I loved all those snack cakes as a kid and I would still be eating my little Debbie cakes today had it not been for Celiac Disease so I am so thrilled to have these in my life.  Are they healthy? NO.  but who cares.  They are a treat, a snack cake.   Can you make homemade?  YES and it would taste a lot better but that just makes these all the more crave-able.  they are the grab and go snack cakes for the Celiac Community.  We deserve this.   I wish these would show up in gas stations but sadly they won’t.  But to know that they are out there just feels like we won a battle to eat what every other person gets to eat, whether its healthy or not.


Are these something I can’t live without?  no, but I am really glad I have these in my life.

Are these something that is a staple in my pantry, well they shouldn’t be but probably will be. Not that we will eat them, but just to have them there when cravings attack.    I do the same with my frosted pop-tarts.

Are these worth paying the money for, almost $8.  No but again it will be something I have in my pantry that I can eat from time to time because again this is a victory for us who can’t just go and grab a lil Debbie snack.    If Lil Deb were smart she would get with it on the gluten-free train.

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