Oyster Stuffing

When my husband and I were dating, our first thanksgiving was spent at a dear friend of my mother.   she made an oyster stuffing, (I think some call this scalloped oysters?) it was the best thing we ever ate.   Since we got married every year without fail we make this delicious side dish.   That is of course if I can get the oysters to the dish without eating them.   I always buy extra because I know I can’t be trusted.

2 packages of scharrs table crackers. (I have also used glutino crackers but I prefer scharrs)  Butter, milk, oysters, salt and pepper.

basically take one package (this depends on how much you want to make) of scharrs table crackers and crush them coarsely up in a bag, add 1/2 cup of melted butter in small increments.  If it doesn’t seem buttery enough add more.  remember its the butter that is going to make this rich!

take one pint of oysters and reserve the juice (we personally use two pints because we love oysters).  In the 1 pint of juice add 2 tbsp of milk.

layer a thin layer of crackers in a small baking dish, put some oysters  on top and sprinkle some of the juice, salt and pepper then layer another layer of crackers and repeat until you run out of ingredients.    if it looks like it may be a little dry add some more of the oyster juice/milk on top of it all, it will soak down.

bake at 350 until heated all the way through.

My kids hate this dish, they have never shared my husband and I’s joy over this dish.  That is okay because that means there is more for us to share together.

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