Peanut butter Popcorn

This is the most addicting snack I have ever found.   The best thing about this recipe is you can just have it plain or dress it up with m&m’s.   With the m&m’s you can make a fall themed one as my picture will show or do a color theme for a baby shower or birthday party.   you can match it to seasons since m&m’s is good at coming out with seasonal colors.    Be careful however because once you make a batch you may not want to share.



1 cup sugar ~ 1/2 cup honey ~ 1/2 cup corn syrup ~ 1 tsp vanilla ~ 1 cup peanut butter.

substitutions:  you can use any nutbutter in place of peanut butter.

variations: different colored m&m’s

directions:   You will need a big tub of popped popcorn.   I never measure I just have a big pot  and I put about (going to estimate 12 cups popcorn) in,  leave enough room in your big pot to stir.  make sure there are no kernels.   the gooey and the kernels will kill your teeth!

In saucepan cook sugar, syrup, honey on medium heat stirring constantly.  bring to a hard rolling boil for 2 minutes….add in vanilla and remove from heat.    Stir in peanut butter until mix looks evenly mixed.   this will be very hot.   Carefully pour slowly onto popped popcorn until all pieces are coated.     This is best with two people one pouring very slowly while the other person constantly stirs the popcorn around.

This is what you will have.   yummy gooey goodness.

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  1. chellie says:

    Peanut butter is one of my favorite things! What a great way to enjoy it. We have popcorn every week at our family meeting, this will be a winner for sure! Thanks for linking up with From the Archives Friday!!

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