That’s It.

I am currently getting boxes from Taste Guru every month.   I am finding products that are gluten free that I have never even known existed.   I am having fun trying the new items.   Since they are new to me, I figure they may be new to others as well.  With that; I thought I would put in my two cents (in the gluten free world that equals about 1.45) on the product.



That’s It.


this was a simple bar that just had apples and cherries.   Yep that’s it folks.  According to packaging there is no preservatives, no GMO, no fat, no gluten and it is all natural, kosher, vegan and raw.

Ingredients are 1 apple and 10 cherries.  That’s it.  Okay now I am getting the name.

but how does it taste?   Well it tastes just like you think, an apple and cherries.   the apples are dried apples but still tender like they are 1/2 dried, same with the cherries.  First off, it brought back memories of eating old apples.  I would cut one open and then leave it and come back days later for more and the top layer would be rubbery.   Not bad memories but memories none the less.  the flavor was actually amazing seeing there was no sugar other than fruit, the texture was pleasant, and it filled me up for the moment.   I wasn’t able to see how long it filled me up because we went straight to the movies where I enjoyed popcorn and water.

I am not a big fruit person just for the fact that fruit still has high sugar but this was a tasty treat that would satisfy a sweet tooth in a more healthy way.  provide the nutrients of the fruits and well, I think kids would like it just because it is a sweeter tasting bar.

I enjoyed it and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again if I saw it in my stores and I wanted a quick fruit pick me up, or like I said a sweet tooth relief without all the processed sugar.

I will give them a thumbs up on this bar and look forward to trying some of the other flavors they have out there.  If you have tried them let me know what you think of them.



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