Perfect Little Cracker!

I am so tired of carbs!   carbs turn to sugar and frankly all the crackers I buy from the store are over priced, over processed, no nutritional value, and are just not good.  Convenient yes.

so today I set out to make an almond flour crackers, I been doing things with almond flour to get rid of the white rice bulk in my dishes and although muffins I have mastered, crackers are decent I am still working on a crunchy little pretzel snack.

interested? well its easy as making a gluten-free pie okay if you have mastered pie yet then stay tuned I will be posting more on that later.

1 cup almond flour (if you get unblanched it has nice little pieces of almond skin in the cracker however my son won’t eat anything with specks so I used blanched)  1 egg, and a pinch of salt. (not sure what salt does but add flavor but I do urge you to use sea salt if you use salt at all).

step one mix the dough.  Step 2 take parchment paper and place on cookie sheet (dont’ skip this step) Step three take a spoon and put a small blob (small) on the parchment paper spacing them generously as they will be smooshed.  Step 4 cover in parchment paper and take a flat bottom cup and press down.  make it as this as possible to be cracker like  be careful not to smoosh to smithereens however.  I personally sea salted them after wards because we like salty crackers here.

Now cook in a 350 degrees oven for 10 minutes depending on the thickness of your cracker.  they should be golden brown.

Too simple, try it.   I plan on putting peanut butter in the middle and sending to school for lunch.

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