House of Bread

I was very excited to know that the House of bread in Alaska has some gluten-free bread selections and on request will make me a gluten-free sandwich.   My first trip to Anchorage to eat at HOB was disappointing, It was only Tuesday and they had already run out of bread so I couldn’t eat lunch there.   On my second trip this time to their Wasilla branch I was given a gluten-free sandwich made with white rice bread.

I was a little surprised to see my sandwich was 4 times the size of my friends sandwich so you get a wonderful filling portion however the drawbacks are the bread was so thick it hid all the yummy tastes inside it, it was gummy and had the usual white rice bread grit to it.  Yes I am ultra sensitive to tastes and textures.   In my opinion they should experiment with some other flours because the white rice was just not going to cut it for me.   I am not a master at bread but I can put out a loaf twice the size, more airy and light and usable then I found their bread to be.

but on the upside I am sure they are just learning and I will be giving them another try later on down the road.  I loved the sandwich despite having to dress it up with more ingredients, taking off 1/2 the bread and getting past the pure gummy white rice texture.  I enjoyed having a place to pop into and the friendly service provided.

I will go back if in the neighborhood and needing lunch, but to schedule a day around eating lunch there I wouldn’t at this point. (by the way the gluten sandwich looked awesome)

I did not dive into how they keep it from cross contamination however I didn’t get sick so I am giving them a plus for that aspect.   I will write more later on my next visit to their facility.

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