Crackers, Cookies and Donuts Oh My!

It was a busy day as I made all three for the week ahead.  This is my third batch of “the perfect little cracker” see my previous post and recipe from earlier this month.  I also made donuts out of the basic muffin recipe which was a hit and cut out cookies which I revised into fork print cookies.

the cut out cookies can be found at, the muffins/donuts can be found at and of course the crackers are easy they are just 1 cup almond flour and 1 egg.

I get tired of just feeding my son carbs so I love the sugar-free, carb free recipes at   I have had great success.   I put peanut butter in the crackers and make little cracker sandwiches for his lunch, the donuts or muffins are breakfast along with his favorite bacon and the cookies are just a treat but I am more than happy to give them to him knowing they are healthy.

check out my wonderful results and make sure you visit Elana.   You won’t be disappointed other than please understand cooking with almond flour is different from say a white rice flour so it takes some getting use to.  I failed miserably at first but finally learned how to work it so that it turns out almost as good as hers. (my opinion since I never tasted hers, which I would love to some day)    My son is happy and so am I knowing he isn’t getting filled with junk.

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