Pumpkin Bread, Gluten Free

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I was all set to make my pumpkin bread for my son’s fall party at school when I opened the can of  pumpkin puree only to find out I had bought pumpkin pie mix by mistake,     My whole recipe had to be re-figured!

If it wasn’t trouble enough to transfer all over to gluten free I know how to think quick how to transform the ingredients to take into account all the pumpkin pie filling had already included.

The gamble paid off as the end result was some awesome pumpkin bread.  My son said it looked just like what was served at school and those who tasted the extra thought it tasted very close to the gluten bread and I had one actually prefer my recipe over the other with just pumpkin puree.    Needless to say I emailed the recipe to a few people so they could try it themselves.    I believe I will still use pure pumpkin puree in the future as I like adding all my own ingredients but for now I served my kid (who absolutely adored it and that is all that mattered to me) and many of my friends who all very much enjoyed it,  They must have I didn’t have leftovers except the few pieces I hid away for myself.

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If you are ever caught in that predicament here is a great recipe.


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