The Elusive Gluten Free Burrito


The other day as I sat eating my lunch I  closed my eyes and I could almost forget that for the past 10 years I have had a disease that affects every aspect of my life. This disease almost stole my very life 10 years ago as I laid in bed mis-diagnosed eating myself to death. For a short moment  I could almost forget all the foods I miss so much. I was so happy to have had that moment.
What could be so amazing that it would affect a person so much?
To understand that question, first you have to know my deep dark secret.
I use to be a taco bell bean burrito junkie.
Sadly that is not a joke, I was hooked on bean burritos. Every chance I got, I was at taco bell, bringing taco bell home, storing taco bell. I loved it, but only the bean burrito, nothing else would make me happy.
10 years ago after my Celiac Disease diagnosis, I thought my heart would break. Not that it wasn’t hard enough having to learn to cook and eat differently but I lost my bean burrito. I cried every time I passed a taco bell, sometimes I had to pull my car over and bawl till I had no feeling left inside me, and this went on for two years. I looked back at Facebook posts and saw things like “how can something as small as a bean burrito bring a grown girl to tears”, “I am beginning to think a bean burrito is worth the pain I will feel for weeks after eating it”. “Still mourning the loss of my bean burrito”. I took it hard.
I tried every new Gluten Free tortilla on the market. Every one of them! Most were not bendable, tasted like cardboard, or plastic, some were just so disgusting it made me want to cry in other ways. One brand came somewhat close but just never hit the mark until we found some in Oregon. We were busy with my daughter’s wedding, but there they were right in the aisle……….Mission Brand Gluten Free Tortillas.

You would have thought we were crazy the way we carried on and told everyone about these wonderful tortillas. We ate them every night for three nights straight and only stopped because we ran out. Our schedule was so busy we never had time to get more although we wanted to fill our suitcases full of them to have at home in Alaska.
But (the really exciting news) recently after trying them in Oregon for the first time back in August, my daughters new mother-in-law sent her a box full of goodies with these amazing tortillas. I also got some tea, but that’s another post.
for several days now I have had the most amazing bean burritos. I could close my eyes and for a few seconds I could pretend I didn’t have a disease that alters the way I have to eat. For a moment I felt like I was normal and I could almost see myself at taco bell enjoying my bean burrito.
I am crazy, I know that.
But right now, I am a happy crazy.
Check this out!

A gluten free tortilla that feels, tastes and even smells like a real tortilla


It rolls, it bends, it doesn’t break, crack and fall apart when you wrap things up in it.


It has the same feel and taste in your mouth as a real tortilla.



I am sad that I have to live without these until they come all the way up here to Alaska which I am told is not likely or my kids go back down to Oregon. I might have to pay for an extra baggage fee so I can get a bunch of those back up when they do.


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