Sweet Potato Crunch

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I grew up on the good old traditional mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows, the more marshmallows the better it was and sometimes my momma would really pack them on, since it was a favorite dish among all of us kids at Thanksgiving dinner.

Whats not to like, its messy, it has the goooey factor, its sweet, its mashed and its just plain good.   But as much as traditions are precious to me and hold great memories I tried a new recipe a few years ago that became an instant hit with adults and the kids alike.   Not once did anyone miss those gooey marshmallows on top.

Its one dish that I won’t do without now on Thanksgiving.

If you still miss those marshmallows, I am sure there is something else you can melt them all over like your piece of pecan pie.


Have a great Thanksgiving and remember this is a great dish to also take to potlucks all year long.



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