Christmas Brownies

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Who doesn’t love a chewy chocolate brownie?  They are good any time of the year, but one of my favorite things to do with them at Christmas time is to turn them into a Christmas tree Lot.

First let’s make the brownies:

Now let’s make the Christmas Trees:


Green Candy coating (or white with green food dye) ~ Glutino Pretzel sticks ~ star candy pieces ~ Candy balls

Melt the candy coating and put into a piping back with a thin tip.   Lay your pretzels out on wax paper and simply pipe the candy coating on top of the pretzels to form a tree shape.   Placing a star candy piece on top of each and sprinkling with candy balls while still wet.  Best to work in small batches so that it does not set up too fast for you.


Once these are dried they should pull right up.   Cut your brownies into squares and place on a large square or rectangle platter.   Place a Christmas tree in each square.


If you want to get really creative you can put to wooden skewers on each side of your platter and a paper banner spanning across your platter that says “Christmas Tree Lot”    Makes a great dish to bring to potlucks.


Isn’t this just the cutest little snack?  Almost too pretty to eat.



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