Rice and Cashew lettuce Wraps

this was an amazing good little dish.  My family thought it looked kind of funny and I would have to agree it wasn’t the most elegant looking dish but it sure did taste good.  So good I ate way more than I should have.   Luckily it made a large pan because I wanted some for lunch the next day which was just as good!


1 cup uncooked Lundberg Black Japonica rice (any favorite rice blend would work) ~ 3 cups of chicken or vegetable broth ~ 1 cup diced cooked chicken breast ~  1 red bell pepper diced ~ 1 cup whole cashews ~ 2 green onions ~  Seasonings:  3 tbsp sweet seasoned rice mirin ~ 2 tbsp olive oil ~ 1 tbsp sesame oil ~ dash of garlic salt

Iceberg lettuce, gluten-free soy sauce (can sub amino acids or coconut amino acids)

1.  Cook rice until tender in the vegetable broth pouring out any liquid that is leftover.   If you use different styles of rice you will have to adjust your broth accordingly as all rice cooks differently.  In a skillet with a small amount of olive oil saute your bell pepper about 3 minutes.  Add your diced chicken breast, cashews and green onion.   add in rice and seasonings then  mix until fully heated.

Serve in lettuce cups sprinkled with your gluten-free soy sauce.    Can also be eaten without the lettuce as I did the next day but the lettuce adds a wonderful crunch and freshness factor.

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