Snowmen Cupcakes

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Tis the time of year when we start making snowmen everything, along with Christmas trees and reindeer.   Want a cute reindeer cookie idea:  click here.  It’s a basic cookie recipe then you add your pretzels and m&m’s.   they were cute, but back to our snowmen or snowwomen if you wish.

My daughter thought it fun to just make a snowman face with a sugared frosting top.   I thought it was cute but I wanted a full snowman so we kind of struggled a little until we both made a small batch of each.

This is my full snowman:  Made with mini cupcakes.   They had little carrot noses that stuck out (candy sprinkles) they had pretzel arms, mini chocolate chips for coal and eyes.  melted chocolate smiles with top hats made out of chocolate (melted and shaped on parchment paper).  They were a happy bunch all gathered around the tree singing carols.  (they were stuck together with toothpicks)

P1040101 P1040103 P1040102

This is the snowmen faces:  I loved how they turned out.  You can’t see from the photos but they all glistened with the sugar.  I toyed with wanting to make all kinds of different faces but stuck to the original smile.    I didn’t have anything to create a hat with and molded chocolate would have been to flimsy for a full size cupcake so we will have to work on that later.  They had chocolate chip eyes, m&m nose and mini chocolate chips for the smile.

P1040104 P1040105

a little bald on top but that is just okay as they will taste the same bald or not!

need a cake recipe for these?  I got that for you too.


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